InBody - Professional Scale and Body Composition Analyser 

With InBody, you can track :  

  1. Your muscle and fat mass both in absolute kilos and as the percentage of your total bodyweight. This is important, as it gives a better understanding of your "kilos lost" or "kilos gained".            Is your diet working or are you losing muscle actually? Is your training program working, or are you gaining fat in reality?

  2. A segmental analysis of your muscle mass, so we can investigate muscle imbalances from right to the left and lower to upperbody. This option is highly valuable for those who are aiming for certain weight-groups in their sport with the most optimal body composition, but it is also a great indicator for a healthy body with balanced muscle-distribution.When suffering with neck, shoulder, upper- or lower-back, or knee pain or recovering from injury, this break-down analysis is a great insight and assessment to optimize your training program.

  3. The visceral fat data* without being exposed to any radiation. The segmental fat analysis together with the visceral fat number works through the same lines - the full context of these numbers can give the starting point to optimize one's nutritional and lifestyle behavior, but can also indicate a further medical check-up. 

(*Visceral fat is fat that wraps around your abdominal organs deep inside your body - an indicator and base of different, modern lifestyle health diseases)

In Fitness Dionysos we use the highly accurate scale and body composition analyser, the InBody 370S.


Why is the InBody 370S different than your scale at home?


Against the simple data of the 2-3 digit kilos on your scale, InBody gives a full breakdown analysis of those numbers - how many kilos/liters of water, minerals, proteins and fat does your body have?


InBody provides both the absolute value and percentages of the above elements, and for the better understanding, it does it through easy-to-understand charts and scales on your Result Sheet, so we can investigate the scores in the full-context of your life and body.



InBody is fast, comfortable and accurate.

The measure itself takes less than a minute, so we can focus on the discussion and investigation of your results.

Our coaches provide all the necessary information in an easy-to-understand language.



  • Absolute Muscle Mass in kilos, and Muscle Mass as % of your weight

  • Absolute Fat Mass in kilos, and Fat Mass as % of your weight

  • Comparison and context for the above through charts so you have a full understanding of your body weight and composition

  • Visceral fat level - you can not always see or feel it, but the visceral kind of fat is more likely to raise your risk for serious medical issues. 

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - the minimum energy requirement to keep the basic functions of your body. Are you eating enough?



The data provided by the InBody will help you to keep control and stay in charge of your lifestyle practices, whether it's a new diet, nutritional changes, stress-management or training regime.


To check where you are now




  • 1 InBody Scan

  • Intake Form about you and your lifestyle

  • Detailed discussion with a Fitness Dionysos coach about your scores and the best strategies to improve them

  • InBody Result Sheet for take away

What's included : 

To track your progress





What's included : 

  • 1 + 2 InBody Scans

  • 1 Scan with Intake Form, detailed discussion with a Dionysos Coach and the InBody Result sheet to take away

  • You will have your InBody application profile to track your history

  • 2 further scans, with brief discussions with a Dionysos Coach and InBody Results uploaded in your InBody profile


The appointment chosen through the buttons ARE NOT the appointment of your InBody Single Scan!

At your chosen appointment, one of our Coaches will get in touch with you through a phone call to set up an appointment for your first Single Scan.


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